Staying safe on the internet

Many children and young people with additional needs use the internet. Using the internet has lots of positive benefits, but it’s important to stay safe too. As a parent, you can help your son or daughter understand how to stay safe online.

Please join us in keeping the Autonomie Community a safe, supportive place for people to talk and swap ideas.

Please let us know if you are concerned about any behaviour you feel is threatening or disturbing, and report any discussions that could be compromising our community’s safety.

Here are some resources you may find useful for protecting yourself and others online:

·         Internet Safety - the PSNI provides advice and information for young people to stay safe online.

·         Online safety: what parents need to know - the NSPCC offers lots of information for parents are careers to keep children safe online. 

·         Get Safe Online provides practical, independent advice on how to protect yourself online, and feel confident you are using the internet safely. 

·         Dimensions internet safety - PDF document, 1.53MB is an easy-to-read internet booklet offering tips and advice for people with additional disabilities. The guide also offers guidance on internet bullying (cyberbullying).

If you have any concerns about your safety using the Autonomie Community or about others' behaviour, please email