Parents of newly born or recently diagnosed children with disabilities often experience shock; fear and concern for the future.

There are often issues with siblings, family, and external factors and attitudes towards them and their child. These families are often affected by isolation and marginalisation due to lack of practical information and emotional support. 



Emotional & Practical Advice for Extended Family - this would provide support & guidance to family members who are the support network for the parents.

Provide support - regarding concerns about their sister/brother's condition.

Develop a communication system - for siblings to discuss or raise concerns with parents about their sister/brother.

Provide opportunities - to have quality time with parents.


As part of our commitment to supporting families we plan to extend our range of services to include: 

Quality Time for All programme - provide opportunities for the whole family to enjoy time together at accessible venues.

Siblings Activity Programme- provide activities for both siblings of children with disabilities, and the child with disabilities.