As the work of Autonomie progressed we identified that school leavers with disabilities were finding themselves isolated and in most cases without friends. These young people who are extremely disabled have few options to get out of the house and enjoy life; we know that quite a number of them are depressed and lonely.

We aim to provide a safe transitional training environment leading to an independent lifestyle for the young people by means of social events, independent living skills training (both practical and emotional). It would empower them to make their own choices and decisions and allow us as an organisation be there for them as they move towards maturity. It would be a person centred transition which will take into account the aspirations of the young person. 


Independent Living Skills

A young person with a disability who was due to leave special school presented symtoms of depression, anxiety about leaving school and his future and spoke of his lack of goals for the future and how it left him feeling worthless and isolated
— Youth Counsellor