Lilac House

(Linked Independent Living and Advice Centre)


This fully accessible centre is a welcoming space, equipped with modern facilities.

For the past 9 years, Autonomie (formally the Lilac Service) has supported hundreds of children and young people with disabilities. In 2018 we opened a new centre in south Belfast.

Lilac House (Linked Independent Living and Advice Centre) allows us to support even more children and young people with disabilities and allied additional needs as well provide support to their carers, parents, and siblings.


Training room at Lilac House

Lilac House delivers programmes on building self-confidence, life skills, networking to build friendships and even a chance to try independent living at purpose-designed units on the premises. To learn more about Lilac House click here.



Lilac House at a glance:


  • Offers short-term living accommodation for up to 20 young people with disabilities per year. These modern and accessible facilities offer a chance to try independent living on the premises and help these young people transition more successfully into their own housing.

  • An advice and training facility enables us to provide support in helping these young people build confidence and acquire new skills.

  • An education and training facility which allows us to assist and support young people and their families.

  • A bright and spacious drop-in room where the local community will be welcome to use facilities.

  • A wellbeing room for relaxation as well as a space for one to one support.

  • A space where young people can enjoy activities, companionship and creative and social skills workshops.

  • A kitchen equipped with modern accessible facilities.

  • A showering room fitted out in a functional wet room style.



How businesses can support Autonomie

Donation – Charity of the year, staff fundraising, recycling, product endorsement, and Sponsor a room/equipment (plaque of recognition).

Gift in kind – By offering a service, expertise or products your organisation can give an indirect donation saving the charity expenditure (e.g. heat, power and lighting bills).

Volunteering – Staff volunteer opportunities are available at Autonomie to enhance and increase fundraising income.

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