Strategy Day for committee members



Members of the Management Review committee held a very successful Strategy Day on Saturday 7th November 2015 to plan for the future

AUTONOMIE – Draft Goals and Strategies – 2016 - 2018

Goal 1   PLANNING:

To build on Autonomie’s strong foundation by continuous development of planning processes, best working practices, policies and procedures. 


  1. To put in place a planning sub-committee to co-ordinate, regularly review and update strategic plans.

  2. To consult regularly with beneficiaries, agencies and statutory services on the development of Autonomie’s work.

  3. To review and update policies and procedures annually.

  4. To review and update financial procedures and systems annually or as required.

  5. To consider adding an accountant/banker to the management committee if/when appropriate.

Goal 2   PROJECTS:

To shape and develop Autonomie’s work into a series of strategically-directed projects focussed on beneficiary need.


  1. To agree, shape, plan and formally review projects as a committee and in line with mission and agreed focus areas.

  2. To include beneficiaries in project development and planning.

  3. To establish a new Independent Living Centre as Autonomie’s flagship project, work base and interlinking central focus for all projects.

Goal 3   PEOPLE:

To increase the number of Autonomie’s beneficiaries, partners and supporters in order to maximise the potential of the charity’s work.


  1. To work with existing beneficiaries to seek ways to effectively communicate with and outreach to new project beneficiaries.

  2. To set in place a plan for engaging relevant organisations / agencies to build relationships that will directly support the work of the charity.

  3. To devise a schedule of creative activities to engage and involve a larger support base including volunteers, funders and families.

  4. To ensure that this outreach work is committee-led and co-ordinated.


To clearly communicate Autonomie’s key messages to target audiences in order to raise awareness, participation and support.


  1. To establish a Communications working group that works with and reports to management committee.
  2. To devise a series of messages about Autonomie and ensure that they are used in a consistent way across all communications.
  3. To create and regularly update a strategic communications plan.
  4. To develop a range of communication platforms for the charity.
  5. To build a creative working relationship with a patron and establish an agreed annual programme of work with that person.
  6. To identify and recruit local ambassador/s for the charity.
  7. For the longer term, the committee to consider and develop advocacy themes for Autonomie where/if appropriate.


To develop robust resource-building strategies to fulfil and sustain Autonomie’s work.


  1. Develop and write up a robust case for support that can be adapted and used for funding applications, website and literature.
  2. To establish a fundraising sub-committee that includes input from beneficiaries and supporters.
  3. To create an initial 5 year fundraising strategy and work plan.
  4. To establish a ‘friends of’ support group for Autonomie.
  5. To explore as a committee, all opportunities for alternative means of income generation (beyond grant aid) and to maintain an enterprising outlook.
  6. To explore and develop a lending library resource of specialist independent living equipment.
  7. To strive to embed a creative resource-building approach into the work of the charity.




To develop a mutually beneficial volunteering framework centred on skills development.


  1. To consult with existing volunteers to develop the framework.
  2. To create a strategic plan for volunteer support that focuses on skills development in line with individual needs.
  3. To increase volunteer numbers through a programme of targeted outreach with existing beneficiaries and volunteers.
  4. To establish a volunteer-led sub-committee.