Autonomie Launches New Biweekly E-Newsletter

New E-Newsletter Launched

Autonomie has this week launched a new digital resource which will keep trustees up-to-date with news from Autonomie.

The biweekly e-newsletter, a new development for the charity, has gone live this week. In a further move, friends of Autonomie will also receive the regular digital resource. 

The biweekly publication will provide the organisation's trustees and friends with a new way to keep updated on Autonomie's work.

Welcoming the publication, Autonomie's Voluntary Coordinator, Trevor Boyle looked forward to seeing the biweekly e-newsletter become an informative and accessible resource for charity trustees and friends of Autonomie.

He commented: “Working alongside our website and popular trimonthly e-newsletter, this new biweekly e-newsletter will provide trustees and friends of Autonomie with a new way to keep updated on our work."