Young people with additional needs, parents and carers tell us how Freedom2Choose helps improve their lives

Like everyone else, children and young people with additional needs and/or disabilities want to have a social life and take part in activities they enjoy. Like everyone else you as a parent want to know that they will be welcome, safe and supported.

The Autonomie Freedom2choose programme gives young people with additional needs a chance to learn new skills, meet new people, experience new things, and feel part of a community. 

Our Freedom2Choose programme provided recreation and social space, skills development and supported events/activities independently of families and carers. We are dedicated to empowering every young person with additional needs to develop the skills to live independently and reach their potential. 

As part of our work to actively promote the development and delivery of high-quality work we heard directly from the young people, their families, and carers to find out what they had to say about our Freedom2Choose pilot scheme.







WHAT I LIKED: (Young people)

  • Liked the archery and getting to wind up Emma and Lynne, Dave is a funny bloke.

  • I enjoy getting together my friends and seeing other people like Andrew, Megan, and the gang, it’s nice to see them each week.

  • I liked today it was very good.I

  • liked the archery and finding stuff on the orienteering walk

  • I liked the cinema and bowling and eating together because I got to choose what I eat.

  • Liked the games, team games at the beginning-Dave was funny chicken noise.

  • Liked being part of the group all my friends here, people from Fleming Fulton here and new people I didn’t get to meet before.

  • I like on the bus, see fishes, liked the bowling and Titanic and like to choose things.

  • Like going on Saturday, it’s fun, enjoyed the archery and treasure hunt and team games. I get to meet my friends.

  • Oh yes enjoyed the games and the zoo, meet friends, gets me out of the house.


What I’ve learned:

  • I’ve learned how to get better at archery, hold it properly and how to work as a team and that you don’t always have to work on your own.

  • Learned to read maps, such for hidden treasure and poles.

  • How to choose my food.

  • Learned to exercise and different fishes.

  • I have the confidence to sing in front of people

  • Learn things from people


What do I get from Autonomie/SBAP working with us?

  • The staff treats us with respect and admiration.
  • They help us to problem solve some of the battles we go through and think clearly on things.
  • Denis brings good entertainment and Jonty brings a good laugh and its something we need because we don’t get that, they are my bro’s.
  • I like it, I have people to talk too and like the group, they are all friendly and I miss everyone each week when it ends, I would miss you’s if it wasn’t on.
  • Denis and Jonty bring fun to us and talk about computer games, Sonic, Mario, great fun.
  • Help to sing on the bus, sing songs and learn about fishes and I choose things when we are out
  • Jonty is fun and staff bring good fun to us, Denis bring Rex the dog and we got him biscuits.
  • Staff bring us into teams and do exercise, the staff are fun and make us laugh, we have a relationship.
  • I’d be stuck in the house if wasn’t here.


What I dislike?

  • I dislike having to go home and if it wasn’t on I’d miss people because I’ve nowhere to go.
  • There is nothing I don’t like



  • This is vital because she gets to mix with other people because she spends time on her own and this is her only outlet. She learns skills and this enables her to develop as a person. I’ve seen her develop and grow.
  • Loved the whole programme and seeingthe progress of individuals
  • Good variety of activities, that have been adapted to young people’s needs, a variety of staff that brings their talents to the group.
  • The trip to Newcastle was very differentand it was enjoyable to spend time together