Magic George and Amazon Jungle Show visit Autonomie Summer Activity Week 2019 on Day 3

Day 3 of Autonomie Summer Activity Week 2019 and it was action-packed, magic and full of tropical animals surprise!

Today began with a visit from Magic George. He brought Hazel, JJ, Malcolm and Stephanie up to assist him with his magic - making things disappear, making balloon hats and Stephanie and Malcolm were spinning plates! 

Wow, great set of Magicians Assistants.

Magic George also introduced everyone to Geoffrey the Naughty Monkey, who could also do magic tricks. 

After a short break with a drink & biscuit it was time to meet Catherine and her Amazon Jungle Show - after meeting and greeting, participants got a chance (if they wanted so wanted) to touch and hold a variety of amazing exotic animals including a bearded dragon, snake, frog, tortoise and everyone who was brave enough - held a tarantula spider. Well done everyone! 🕷

After all of the excitement everyone enjoyed lunch in the sunshine - even with the pesky wasps.

Massive thanks to our team, partners and today’s facilitators Magic George and Catherine from Amazon Jungle Show.