Independent Living Project

The aim of this independent living programme, entitled "After School Survival" was to equip young people with disabilities post 16 with the skills and confidence to live more independently.

The format of each programme day, consisted of a warm up activity, communication and team building exercises, an information and discussion session around a chosen topic and finally a meal and clean up.

The warm up activities encouraged the participants to relax into the programme and have fun and consisted of standard “Icebreakers”.


The communication and team building exercises used throughout the programme included:

  • The participants organising themselves in a line in order of shoe size and then age using non-verbal communication

  • Appointing two participants of the group to verbally describe a Logo structure hidden from view from the rest of the group.  The remainder of the group had to try and replicate the structure they could not see simply by asking questions and following instructions.

  • Two teams competing to build a bridge structure from dry spaghetti and marshmallows that would be capable of supporting the weight of a mobile phone.

  • Guiding a blindfolded teammate through a minefield.

    The intention of the communication and team building exercises was to stress to the participants the importance of team work and effective communication in everyday situations.  To this end; the exercises in question were reflected upon by the participants and appeared to be effective.