Our work continues with schools, teachers, parents and disabled students offering the support of our team. We are not time constrained so they can call us at any time if any difficulties develop over a school year.

Increasingly we are asked for ICT advice and it is particulary beneficial for the school to be able to trial equipment from our loan library and to get advice and training on using the available software to enhance the inclusion of the pupils. 


The support we offer is particularly important in establishing effective professional relationships with  a large numbers of schools and Health and Education specialists.



Advice to Schools
Support for Teachers
Support & Training for Classroom Assistants
Advice to Parents
Information on adapting the environment in the school
Providing adapted equipment on loan (try before you buy)

In Design & Tech my C/A used to stand behind me to hold me up and the DT technician held the equipment when I was doing something - I felt I wasn’t doing it myself. Then I got the height adjustable table and my fantastic chair and suddenly I knew I could do as well as anyone. It also meant I was able to chat to the class as I worked. I’m doing AS Design and Tech and love it, at one time before Autonomie I thought I wouldn’t even be able to do GCSE.
— Student