What you say

I love to come to Autonomie, it helps us with our everyday lives. It helps us with our confidence.
— Alisha
All the staff are brilliant
— Gary
I like Autonomie because it’s fun and there is so much for me to see and do.
— Stephanie
What a great team of people. Well done everyone. Great to see something like this in Northern Ireland. We need more places like this. Well done everyone.
— M. McConville
We had nowhere to go for advice until we found the Autonomie team.
— Family in Belfast
Freedom2Choose on a Saturday is a social lifeline for my child.
— Parent of teenager
Autonomie is always at the end of the phone.
— Parent
Autonomie staff respond quickly and offer untold support. Our family life has improved massively. Thank you.
— Family in Belfast
Our daughter’s confidence has grown 1000% and she is much happier. I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for her.
— Parent

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