Communication Matters ACC Product Roadshow

Communication Matters ACC Product Roadshow comes to Belfast June 2017.

Learn all about the latest developments in AAC products, direct from many of the UK's leading suppliers at the CM Roadshow, 8 June at Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast.

These product demonstration days supported and presented by Communication Matters Commercial Members from the UK's leading suppliers of communication aids, equipment, software and symbol systems.

Each day consists of five sessions which provide information and offer up-to-date knowledge on the range of AAC products available in the UK.

There is an exhibition period when delegates can try out products (there is no opportunity for hands-on during the presentation sessions).

These full-day events (9am to 3.30pm) are open to people who use AAC (16+), parents, carers and professionals alike.

The Roadshows are free to attend, but you must book a place in advance via Communication Matters Roadshows Diary.

People who have benefited from the Roadshows include:

- People who use AAC, parents, carers and professionals new to the field of AAC and voice output technology

- Professionals specialising in this field who want to update their knowledge (counts towards Continuing Professional Development points) – technology changes fast!

- Everyone with an interest in communication technology

- Anyone who works with children or adults with severe speech, language or communication difficulties and are in need of some special support with communication.

For info on all roadshows in UK and Ireland visit the Communications Matters website;