The 'Autonomie Musical Extravaganza' scenery and practice takes centre stage at latest Freedom2Choose

On Saturday 3 February creativity was the theme for the afternoon as young people got to practice for the 'Autonomie Musical Extravaganza' and worked as a team making scenery for the show.

Finaghy 03022018 (12 of 28).jpg

Thanks to our staff, volunteers, partners and the young people for making the session a huge success.

Young people as part of the programme will use the next number of weeks working on producing the musical and activities will include costumes, scenery, props and fulfilling other roles.


This latest Freedom2Choose will offer young people with additional needs the chance to develop and become more independent in many ways including:

- Personal development

- Self-expression

- Personal space

- Creativity

- Collaboration

- Improves communication

- Develops coordination, concentration and memory

- Social interaction skills

We are looking forward to the production!