Latest Freedom2Choose Programme Announced


Good Mental Health is the theme the latest Freedom2Choose Programme which runs from 15 September to 15 December 2018. 

At Autonomie, we are committed to promoting positive mental health in young people living with disabilities and this practical and fun social activities programme offers young people a chance to have new experiences, meet new people and be part of a community.

Over the 13-week programme, young people will learn about ways to maintain good mental health and learn about the role diet and exercise has on our health. Participants will learn about ways on how to incorporate a balanced diet and regular exercise in their daily lives and the benefits these bring.

Participants will also experience several ways of going out and about and learn about how this is good for physical and emotional health.

Programme schedule

image_6483441 (13).JPG

Please note: The programme as always is subject to change, but we hope that this will be kept to a minimum.

All activities taking place at Finaghy Youth and Resource Centre, Belfast will take place on Saturdays at 2 pm to  4 pm

We have also decided that for this programme we will not be providing substantial food but will provide a healthy snack halfway through each session.

We would also ask that each participant make a £3.00 contribution per week.


Staff who will be facilitating Freedom2Choose will include:


Lynne Morrison                    Paul ‘Jaunty’ Johnston                   Emma Cockcroft                  Robert Boyle

Trevor Boyle                         Denis O Neill                                    Emma Hughes                     Michael Reilly

Julie McCloskey                   Danni Convery                                 Sarah Gough                        Tessie Gigliardi

Stephen Cockcroft               Hannah Glasgow                             Gail McGovern                     Conor Bassett

Gary Burns

Thank you to everyone involved in the programme, staff and volunteers who deliver the programme, funders and partners including Education Authority, Finaghy Youth and Resource Centre and many more involved in the programme.