Freedom2Choose programmes promoting responsibility with growing plants


Being physically active everyday is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it support good physical health, research shows it promotes good mental health. 

At Autonomie, we are proud to empower young people living with additional needs. A huge part of our work focuses on empowering these young people to make decisions in their everyday lives that promotes health and wellbeing and that is why team games, outdoor activities and indoor fitness, leisure and fitness activities are a key focus of our Freedom2Choose programme and indeed our What Next? programme.

On Saturday 1 June, Freedom2Choose members enjoyed a variety of fitness games.

Young people also got a chance to show of their creativity and planted some houseplants and personalised their own pots. 

Did you know houseplants not only look good in your home, but choosing the right houseplant can make your home healthier by cleaning the air. Houseplants like the spider plant. 

The session finished off with tasty chip butties. 

Thanks to all who took part.