New Year, New Skills



Autonomie is holding a social event on Saturday 23rd January 2016 at 2.00 - 4.00pm for those of you who would like to come along and meet some of your old friends from Fleming Fulton School and others from Mitchell House School.

There will also be an opportunity to hear about our exciting new ‘Drop In’ programme, in partnership with the South Belfast Area Project Youth work Team. Starting on 23rd January 2016 in Finaghy Youth Centre, 59-73 Finaghy Rd South, Belfast every Saturday 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

The Drop In programme will give you the opportunity to:

 Socialise with friends and make some new ones

 Outings to various activities e.g. bowling, cinema and eating out.

 Play pool, video games and sports

 Improve your cooking skills

 Learn about money management, independent living and other information about life skills

 Motability scheme/Driving

  Developing social media and IT skills

The programme is flexible and will be designed around your interests.

If you are interested in coming along on 23rd January 2016, please text your name and contact number to 079 3573 3074 or email us at

If your parents would like to chat about this exciting opportunity then they can contact us at the same number or come along with you on 23rd January 2016 and have a some refreshments with us.