Autonomie hosts 'Young People's Voice' Youth Forum

Our Freedom2Choose programme finished on Saturday 30th June with a Youth Forum called 'Young People's Voice'. This new forum offered young people a chance to share their experiences and feedback on the latest Freedom2Choose Programme. Young people also got a chance to help plan future programme activities for our new What Next? and Freedom2Choose Programmes.

Autonomie is committed to offering young people a hands-on approach. Already involved in the planning and delivery of elements of activities programmes, young people who can will deliver elements of the activities programmes themselves.

Facilitated by Naomi McAleese, the forum took place at Finaghy Youth Centre.

Freedom2Choose restarts on Saturday 15 September 2018. Until then, we hope you can all join in the fun and take part in the What Next? Programme and the fun-filled Summer Scheme2018 that starts on Monday 16 July 2018!

Finaghy 30-6-2018-9.jpg


Big shout out to all our staff and volunteers and all the young people who took part!