Special message of thanks to all who helped make Strictly Our Achievements Celebration Event a success


Huge thanks to everyone who made the Strictly Our Achievements Celebration Event a success yesterday, especially the young people who not only were involved in the event planning right from the start but those too involved in the delivery of the event - you were all the stars of the show yesterday evening, especially Stephanie for your beautiful solo performance of All of Me by John Legend.

Lots more photos to follow including young people receiving their awards certificate on stage.

Our work and indeed this event could only be possible thanks to many people and foremost the young people.

Thank you Aisling, Alisha, Andrew, Conor, Gary, Malcolm, Meabh, Megan, Niamh, James, Kirsty, Robyn and Stephanie.

We would like to also thank special guests Lady Elizabeth Bloomfield MBE and Jermone Grace of The National Lottery Community Fund Northern Ireland for joining us and being part of our very special evening.

Thanks to the whole team at La Mon Hotel & Country Club for a seamless and fantastic collaboration throughout.

Special thanks to organisations and individuals for their very generous raffle prize donations and well done to all the winners.

Thanks also to Eileen of Penrhyn Photography ltd and Ulster Tatler for photography.

Shout out to our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, chairman and committee members for their continued support.

Special thanks to families, partners, Friends of Autonomie and many more in the local community, donors including The National Lottery Community Fund’s ‘Empowering Young People’ programme and South Belfast Area Project.

Thanks to organisers especially Emma Cockcroft and Lynne Morrison who have worked tirelessly to ensure young people got the wonderful occasion they all deserved to mark their achievements.

Thanks to project coordinator Trevor Boyle whose vision and dedication helps our organisation grow from strength to strength and deliver vital activities programmes to help young people with additional needs reach their potential.

We hope family and friends and everyone had a wonderful evening last night being part of the celebrations marking the impressive achievements their young people have made through participation in our practical activities programmes, What Next?, Feedom2Choose and Be A Champion.

With too many to mention thank you to everyone involved.